Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plaxico Burress Released????

Well, the rumors are flying all over the place today. First there is news that supposedly last night a a night club Plaxico Burress "accidentally" shot himself in the leg. Yeah, it might have been by accident but more likely than not, he was half stoned out of his mind.

Let's be honest, the only reason the Giants got Burress from Pittsburgh is because they didn't want anything more to do with this guy who was more trouble than he was worth.

And the funny thing is, people thought that Burress reporting late and getting fined and benched for a game was the end of it. Now with this recent escapade, folks are starting to wonder.

In the meantime, rumors are flying around that Burress is about to be released by the Giants who have just about have enough of this loose cannon.

Are they true? Who the hell knows at this point? Nobody really believed the idiot shot himself when THAT news broke so who knows?

Don't be surprised if you find that this is the last year that Burress is with the defending Super Bowl champions...even if he's not released today or anytime soon.

And here is his Superbowl catch was nice knowing you???

To Be Continued...

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