Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Plax Suspended For The Season

Well, it was made official today. Plaxico Burress has been suspended for the season and his football career could be over.

On top of that, he is facing 3 1/2 to 15 years in prison for carrying a gun without a valid permit into a nightclub.

I can't help but marvel at these people who have the whole world in front of them and throw it all away because they don't have the brains that God gave them.

And of course there are all the coverups, like Pierce trying to cover up the incident and then the doctors at the hospital who didn't report the gunshot wound. It really makes you wonder what this world is coming to.

This story is far from over even though Plax's fate for this season has been sealed. I know that other sports figures who have broken the law have been given second chances, but who is going to want to touch this guy who has been nothing but trouble since he got to the Giants? No wonder Pittsburgh didn't want him.

I'm a big giants fan, but I can no longer be a fan of this guy. Still if you want to get some of his memorabilia (it's going to be worth something with all the notoriety) you can find some stuff at Amazon. You might, however, want to get some stuff by those who actually are role models.

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